Can I Cancel A Pre-Order?

Hull Pops Ltd

Last Update a year ago

Yes, you can cancel pre-orders. To do so please fill in this form here - We do not accept cancellations via emails or live chat messages!

If you wish to cancel your order and you have paid via paypal, do not raise a paypal claim against us! We do not accept paypal claims as cancellation. We only accept cancellations via the above form. Filling in a paypal claim will delay any cancellations and we will also cancel all other orders you have with us and close down your account.

Customers who develop a "Habbit" of cancelling orders may have their account closed and any open orders also cancelled!

If your order is a "Deposit" order, this is non-refundable!

Important: Cancellations can take up to 10 working days to process.

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