My Order Has Arrived Damaged, What Do I Do?

Hull Pops Ltd

Last Update a year ago

We hate this! We try so hard to make sure the order is safely packaged to avoid damage. However in some occasions the postal company fails us and the order arrives damaged!

If this happens to you please send us photos of the damaged item along with photos of the packaging/box the item was sent in so we can see all damage and where it has occured - send photos to [email protected]

Without photos your claim will be dismissed.

Please note minor box damage (Small creases/bends or turned up corners) is not considered as damage and no refunds will be given. Funko imperfections such as paint on the inside of the window, or other paint errors on the pops themselves is also not considered damaged.

Important: Items such as Funko Pop! and Tee sets and Marvel Collector Corps Boxes, due to them being sealed we do not guarantee the products inside the box. As such if they have box damage or issues with stickers or contents we do not accept refunds or returns.

Large Albums/10" Products: Due to the size and weight of these products the cardboard around the item may have creases/bends slight rips. - No refunds will be given based on this as there is nothing we can do about it.

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