What is a "Deposit" Purchase?

Hull Pops Ltd

Last Update 2 years ago

Pre-Orders which are set as a "Deposit" purchase only require a Non-Refundable deposit to be paid upfront - Once the item comes into stock the customer will be sent an invoice with the balance remaining for the item, plus postage. The customer will then have 5 working days to pay the invoice before the item is put back into stock. At this point the deposit is lost.

Important points to note:

• If you have other items to come into stock you can wait for them to avoid additional postage costs - But please let us know asap! (Each shipping is charged)

• If you are local, you can select "Local Collection" at the checkout by altering the "Shipping" address and select "Pick Up" instead.

• We do our best to contact you, multiple emails and even sending SMS messages but if we don’t hear anything after 5 working days your items will go back into stock, the order cancelled and you will lose your deposit.

• We do not take payment automatically!

• As always we are in the hands of Funko for items. Sometimes there may be a delay between items of the same sets arriving. We have no idea what or when Funko send us items. They might turn up the following day, might be a week or month later. We have no idea!

• If you no longer want the items please fill in our cancellation form here so we don’t keep chasing you! https://forms.gle/T7xNz1rt6tjUMhSV9

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